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Kanakangi is the first melakartha ragam. It is also called as kanakaambari . While man"s aesthetic sense gave birth to ragas like mohanam, sudha saveri etc, his increasing scientific knowledge about the structure of music over a period of many centuries gave birth to ragas such as kanakangi. In the days of yore, when man began exploring the music world, there was no kanakangi. All he knew were those tunes or ragas that were immediately appealing to his mind. No wonder, simple pentatonic ragas like mohanam made their genesis during that early period of man"s irresistible pursuit for melody. Later, as is usual, science took over the aesthetic sense. The dominance of MOOD, which often served the purpose of being the mighty commander of raga creation, was pulled down by the even mightier science. That the central casino online theorem governing the whole of music was only simple mathematics became evident. The tip of the iceberg eventually lead to the unearthing of the whole of the rest! String instruments like the veenai and gottuvadyam etc., helped the "music thirsty" thathas of yesteryears apply some good logic and figure out the progenitor ragas of the already existing ragas and narrow it down to the 72 melakarta system. It became a relatively simple task like filling in the unknown elements in the periodic table once you knew the general structure of the atom in various elements! The first melakartha became christened as kanakangi.

ārohaṇa: S R1 G1 M1 P D1 N1 S
avarohaṇa: S N1 D1 P M1 G1 R1 S

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K S Ramanaa
K.S.Ramana, a well known Mridangam artist in the Carnatic Music circles and Fusion Music circles, is one of the percussionist known for his aesthetics both while playing and composing songs. His compositions with Band Oxygen has received far reaching responses from all sects of music listeners. With over 22 years of experience in playing the Mridangam, he is an exponent of Konakkol renditions which is a rare and difficult art by itself. With his proficiency in teaching the art form, he has taught many around the globe and is still venturing into new genres of music.

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